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Aero-Pack products have not contained CFCs since 1976 Aero-Pack products are 100% Recyclable

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D&L Industries Inc.(1971) - D & L Industries provide centralized services, namely, administrative, financial, human resource, procurement and others, to all the companies under the group.

Chemrez Technologies.(1988) - Manufactures and sells powder coatings and oleochemicals as well as operates the Philippines' first continuous-process biodiesel plant. It was previously known as Corro-Coat Inc.
  Chemrez Incorporated (1988) - A subsidiary of Chemrez Technologies, Inc. that manufactures and sells polystyrene resins, unsaturated polyester resins, polymer dispersions and colorants.
D&L Polymers & Colours, Inc. (2006) - A PEZA (Philippine Economic Zone Authority) registered and based RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) / SoC (Substance of Concern) compliant manufacturing company for the development and production or specialty plastic compounds, precolored compounds and color & additive masterbatches aimed primarily for the export market and local multinational plastic processors.
First in Colours, Inc.(1991) - Dry colors & masterbatches, color compounds, plastic additives & functional compounds are manufactured and sold by this company.
  F.I.C. Marketing Co., Inc.(1986) - A trading company that imports and distributes various foreign & local chemicals and materials to manufacturers in the plastics, paint, and other related industries.

Oleo-Fats, Inc.(1988) - Manufacturer and marketer of specialty edible fats and oils, serving the fast-food, snack food, biscuit, confectionery, and dairy.
  Industries MRI Terminal(1995) - The terminal and tank farm that serve the bulk storage and delivery requirements of the group and some selected customers.