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Can Printing & Labelling


For your products to stand out amongst the competition, Aero-Pack offers a wide range of printing and label variation that will give you the unique look.

For upstart and small volume products, paper labels with UV laminated and full color printing are available. Should the client prefer actual prints on cans, silk-screen printing is an option.

To achieve the best look for your cans, lithographic printing is the best choice. Products with some of the liveliest colors and most elaborate designs like Baygon, Bayfresh and Glade have taken full advantage of this option.

Procedures for labeling of cans:

1. Client to choose can size and type of label (sticker, silk screen print, lithographic print).

2. Client to create editable artwork with Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator using dimension guide below, then save in a CD.

3. Submit CD to Aero-Pack for Color Separation, printing plates, and print proof (light, standard, dark).

4. Approval of print proof by client.


Straight Wall 102.35 mm 166.6 mm 150-160ml
Neck-In 103.00 mm 166.6 mm 150-160ml
Neck-In 108mm 206.6mm 200ml-250ml
Neck-In 144.7mm 166.6 mm 190m
Neck-In 125.35mm 206.6 mm
Neck-In 162.1 mm 166.6 mm 250ml
Neck-In 198.3 mm 166.6 mm 300ml-330ml
Neck-In 130.0 mm 206.6 mm 250ml-300 ml
Straight Wall 262.22 mm 166.6 mm
Neck-In 162.10 mm 206.6 mm 400ml
Straight Wall 163.40 mm 206.6 mm 400ml
Neck-In 184.9 mm 206.6 mm 450ml
Neck-In 203.00 mm 206.6 mm 500 ml
Neck-In 216.1 mm 206.6 mm 450ml-500ml
Neck-In 240 mm 206.6 mm
600 ml
Neck-In 244 mm 206.6 mm 650ml