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Aero-Pack products have not contained CFCs since 1976 Aero-Pack products are 100% Recyclable

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FICTION: The aerosol industry is not monitored by any government environmental safety regulations.
FACT: The aerosol industry is dedicated to ensuring all of its products meet high standards of safety, and is strictly regulated for product safety and adequate labeling by the US government.

FICTION: Using an aerosol product such as deodorant or room spray will deplete the ozone layer.
FACT: Except for a few medical products, aerosol products no longer contain ozone-depleting CFCs and are completely safe for the ozone layer.

FICTION: Pump sprays are environmentally safer than aerosol sprays.
FACT: Aerosol sprays do not deplete stratospheric ozone and, in fact, aerosol sprays offer a more efficient product form for many users.

FICTION: Aerosol cans will explode if left in a car on a hot day.
FACT: Storage of most aerosol containers in automobiles is not recommended, since during warm weather the interior of closed cans may exceed 130°F. This may cause the aerosol can to rupture and expel its contents.

FICTION: Use of aerosol products make a significant contribution to the emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that contribute to ground-level ozone formation, or "smog".
FACT: While aerosols and other consumer products often contain VOCs, they contribute very little to ozone formation due to their small quantity and low reactivity.