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Aero-Pack products have not contained CFCs since 1976 Aero-Pack products are 100% Recyclable

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Storage of Aerosols

Retail Storage

Storage Tips

  1. Storage areas should be cool and well ventilated.
  2. Do not store aerosols near stock room entrances and exits. Adequate access gangwaysshould be provided and maintained to enable the stock room or store to be evacuatedrapidly.
  3. Do not store aerosols near any source of heat.
  4. Do not store aerosols in direct sunlight.
  5. Do not allow smoking in storage areas.
  6. Take care when splitting up packs of aerosols – the use of knives or sharp implementsmay pierce cans. The use of a concealed safety knife is recommended.
  7. Make sure that stacks of aerosols are level and stacked evenly. This will ensure thatthey do not spray off before they get to the customer.
  8. Do not put heavy items on top of aerosols.
  9. Be careful when you are moving aerosols around and make sure that they are notdamaged.
  10. Do not move stacks of aerosols by pulling them by the plastic shrink wrapping.
  11. Remove damaged or leaking aerosols immediately and take them to a well ventilatedarea (ideally outside)where there is no source of ignition.
  12. Avoid keeping aerosols in basements.
  13. Bear in mind that aerosol propellants are heavier than air and so, if the aerosols areleaking, the flammable propellant may collect at low points or in basements.
  14. Never incinerate aerosol products regardless of whether they are full or empty as thiscan be hazardous to personnel.